Why work with us?

Students and their parents need timely and knowledgable guidance about planning for university so that they are fully prepared to submit applications at the beginning of Grade 12. We meet this need by offering a variety of university counseling services to help students navigate the process confidently.

Our Process

  • 1. Strategy Session

    Start with a Strategy Session: We'll have a in-depth discussion to help you identify your goals, post-secondary options, and next steps.

  • 2. Choose a Program

    For ongoing support, choose the program that best fits your needs and budget. All programs include access to our online platform and resources.

  • 3. The Academic Pathways Experience

    Enjoy the journey! Get ready to take full advantage of the one-on-one meetings, the online platform, and the helpful resources we have waiting for you.

University Planning

Fees include GST

Planning for US Applications

Contact us directly to learn how we support students applying to colleges and universities in the US.


So Grateful!


I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you. With your support, I now have a better idea of my areas of interest and what I would like my career to involve. You have made my transition from high school to post-sec immensely easier! I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you!

E. Forster

Thanks so much, Kate! Our daughter’s stress levels are already appreciably lower after your helpful direction and your reassurances. I really appreciate your speaking wisdom into my children’s lives in a way that they could understand and accept and for being so upbeat and empowering.

Thanks So Much!


Thank you so much for helping me maneuver through this difficult process. Being a first-generation student from an immigrant family, I do not know what I would have done without your help!



I have always wanted to apply to top colleges, but there’s a big difference between dreams and taking action, and I want to thank you for the suggestions and support. Reviewing essays with you has reduced a lot of my anxiety and self-doubt, and it most definitely helped me in successfully submitting my applications.